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ASTM Standard E2018-15

NFPA 921 and NFPA 1033

SNT-TC-1A and CP-105 standards

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Bank Approved Property Condition Assessments


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Property Condition Assessment report 48hr turnaround available

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Reports Include: 

  • Time-line projections (Immediate/midterm/long-term) and projected cost to complete each repair item, typically over a ten year-year period

  • Assessment includes but is not limited to; roofing systems, exterior walls, windows, structural components, electrical and mechanical systems, fire and life safety systems, and site improvements

  • Commentary regarding age and remaining economic life of the subject property, economic age of improvements, overall condition of the building, noting potential impact on income/ value caused by deferred maintenance and capital expenditure requirements expected during the term of the loan

  • Break down of any deficiencies or capital expenditures required

  • Report performed and reviewed by a P. Eng at an additional cost

  • All reports include a reliance letter for the lender

  • Certificate of insurance for general liability and error and omissions included

Designated Substances and Hazardous Materials Survey

The presence of designated substances and hazardous materials can significantly impact the project design and budget. Furthermore, the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that a list of all “designated substances” at a project site be provided to all bidders at the tendering stage and that the “Constructor” for a project shall ensure that each prospective contractor and subcontractor for the project has received a copy of the list before entering into a contract. Of the 11 substances “designated” in Ontario to date, asbestos, lead, silica and mercury are the most likely to be present in
the building in a form that could represent a potential exposure concern during any renovations or modifications in the building. Various regulatory requirements also apply to control of exposure to mould, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), and ozone-depleting substances (ODS). The survey will,
therefore, include for assessment of asbestos, lead, mercury, silica, mould, PCBs and ODS’ that may be affected by the proposed work.

Building Envelope Inspections - Get it Inspected!


Interested in more details and pricing? Let's set up a virtual meeting or a call.

Leak Detection Services

Let our team use their inspection talents to find that leak in your walls, floor, or roof. 


Do you need a BPCA report? A commercial building inspection? A hybrid of both? 

Baseline Property Condition Assessment (BPCA)

ASTM E2018-15 establishes guidelines for performing a property condition assessment (PCA), Our field observers who specialize in PCA's typically perform a walk-through survey, interviews maintenance workers and tenants, and pulls courthouse documents like surveys and other technical data on the structure. All the information provides an overview of the building’s condition providing the client with a property condition report.

Commercial Building Inspection

Commercial building inspections differ from PCAs in that they provide much more detailed information to the client. We use the assistance of a team of experts, each of whom contributes information compiled in a highly detailed inspection report for the client. Get It Inspected on an office building we might bring in a structural engineer, elevator expert, and someone who understands fire protection systems, and on a small apartment building, we might not bring any of those consultants on board.


Whatever options you need, call us today to discuss the scope of work. Open and scan the electrical panel and look for hot spots.  Loose or week connections between breakers and the main panel bus and other deficiencies including overloaded circuits, load imbalances, harmonic problems and defec ve electrical components can all contribute to a thermal scan heat signature. 

"Approved" Fire Safety Plan for Properties or Occupancies

Ontario Fire Code Compliant  - Fire safety plan shall be reviewed whenever there is a change to the building. This includes a change of ownership. Our staff will assist in the renewing or creation of your required fire plan. 

Air Quality Testing - Certified EMSL Lab reports

We offer services for indoor air quality testing, mould & asbestos testing, environmental assessments, for residential & commercial buildings. For Niagara to the Greater Toronto Area. Your air quality in your home has the potential to negatively impact your health, well-being, and state of mind.

or you.

Get It Inspected - Commercial Inspections


Engineering services are provided by Haag Canada Inc.

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