Thermal Imaging

Energy Loss Inspections

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Your home uses energy every day, all day long.


Energy losses can be difficult to determine, however, a Certified Inspector from Get It Inspectedcan explain how to use the energy in your home more efficiently and how to prevent energy losses from happening.

Thermal imaging helps to diagnose the problem rather than merely identify symptoms, and can sometimes, but not always, identify and document the following:

  • electrical faults before they cause a fire

  • missing, damaged, and/or wet insulation

  • heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors

  • water and moisture intrusion

  • possible pest infestation

  • hidden roof leaks

  • air conditioner leaks

  • structural defects

  • broken seals in double-pane windows

  • energy and efficiency losses

  • dangerous flue leaks

  • damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems

  • unknown plumbing leaks.

Get It Inspected Serves:

The Niagara Region and GTA,

St Catharines, Thorold, Welland, Niagara Falls, Grimsby, Hamilton, Burlington,

and The Golden Horseshoe

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